IPKeys Technologies White Paper

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of RMF

Can you really automate RMF?

It seems like a dream, but as technology advances the day that you can fully automate RMF might actually be upon us. Fill out the form to download our epaper to learn more about how technology is driving improvements on a variety of fronts – and how you can make getting to ATO easier.

What's in the white paper?

The purpose of this white paper is to provide US government agencies a practical guide to the changes in technology that can help automate the RMF process. It includes:

  • An overview of the NIST RMF
  • The challenges of manual RMF processes
  • Examples of programs that have made advances
  • The new technologies that are driving automation
  • How IPKeys CLaaS can accelerate RMF automation

From the white paper:

“Lt. General Robert Skinner, the director of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), recently pointed out how tough RMF can be for the DOD because Defense has a tendency to push their existing systems to do more than other federal sectors might. This exposes unanticipated vulnerabilities that, because of RMF, introduce more frequent vexing delays between their discovery and their successful patching, a problem called “Drift.”
Why is RMF so critical and yet such a glutton of our time, manpower, and financial capital? One of the biggest reasons is us.”

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