IPKeys Technologies White Paper

Risk Management in the Cloud Environment.

An overview of risk management
in the cloud environment.

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What's in the white paper?

Cloud Security Essentials: Explore the critical role of cloud technology in modern innovations and the shared responsibility model for security between providers and users.

Federal Compliance and Risk Management: Discover the NIST risk management framework and gain crucial insights into FedRAMP, DoD, and other federal standards for cloud security compliance.

Comprehensive Assessment Strategies: Uncover best practices for conducting thorough cloud security assessments, including data protection, access control, and vulnerability management, backed by IPKeys’ expertise in federal cloud authorization processes.

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From the white paper:

With the acknowledgment of the fact that there will always be risks to a system, the NIST Risk Management Framework approach has become the best practice approach. This involves identifying all the risks of the system and having an Approving Authority accept those risks. 

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